Atheism VS Agnosticism

I am atheist, not an agnostic. My atheism is just an opinion and it is subject to change.

The fact that I might be wrong does not seem to me to a good reason to abstain from holding an opinion. I am empowered to change my opinion as new facts arise and as better explanations for existing facts appear.

Agnosticism does not appear to me to be a choice between alternatives or even an admission that one doesn't know -- but rather it is a decision not to decide. Why would such a position be admirable or preferable? An honorable person can keep an open mind -- even while believing that one theory currently explains the facts better than another.

This fear of commitment seems unfounded -- if you begin as an atheist, you can convert to some religion. If you being a believer, your can lose your faith. As the Prophet Mohammed (Praise be upon Him) said -- there should be no coercion in matters of faith. The Patristic Christian Fathers spoke in similar terms -- at least until St. Augustine. There should be no coercion from the atheists either.

In the United States, we are blessed to have freedom of religion, not freedom from it.

So, I say "decide" -- just keep an open mind!