Einstein was an atheist, Hitler was a Catholic

Einstein is heavily misquoted as being a believer in the same God that most Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe in. However, this is simply bogus.

Richard Dawkins, in his book, The God Delusion discusses the facts about Einstein. (If that links is bad, try this one).

Hitler, however, was a Catholic. I say this not to insult the Catholics, for whom I have no contempt at all. Were I a Christian, I'd be a Catholic. However, Hitler was well and truly a Catholic. He was babtized into Catholicism and never left, nor was he ever excommunicated. The man was a Catholic.

In a recent Bill O'Reiley TV interview with Dawkins, O'Reiley claimed that Hitler was an atheist -- and Dawkins, very politely, called him on the carpet for it. O'Reiley then had to backtrack, by saying "well, his Catholicism never really took..."

Yeah, right.