Talking about God

When people fervently argue about God, it seems to me, they are really arguing about themselves. I am not of course saying that we are all God. I am saying, however, that it is not God that they are arguing about but rather their own beliefs about God.

Even though no one, or at least no sane person, would claim to fully understand God, people often argue fervently over His nature -- such as his preference in some matter or other. By arguing so fervently, they act as if they do in fact fully understand Him. And with their complete knowledge of the almighty, they feel empowered to correct other people's mistaken views. Two inviduals, not recognizing the limitations of their own understanding, might well come to blows.

It would seem that if you asked anyone the right questions, such as "Do you think that you completely understand God", they would answer "no". However, in arguments, this question never comes up -- instead they become emotionally attached to their position in the fervor to win the argument.

I heard a fervent believer once say:

... and they set themselves above God!
-- as if someone would actually think to themselves
I am more mighty than God!
Of course they, whoever they were, weren't setting themselves above God, rather they were just obstinately choosing to live their own lives the way that they believed to be best instead of submitting themselves to the omnipotent wisdom of the speaker.

No it wasn't they who equated themselves with God, but rather the speaker who assumed that his or her understanding of God was equivalent to God's true will. So, who is demonstrating the most hubris?